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Normandy – Étretat

I will tell you my little escapade there and share with you some nice walks to do. When you spend a weekend in Étretat, it means obviously exploring the cliffs but also take time for yourself. (And of course, discover unusual places!) Étretat is a tiny town in Normandie with less than 1500 habitants. Facing the sea, you can find on your right the cliff of Amont.

On the top, we’ve discovered a small chapel. It’s nice to have lunch with a clean and fresh air. Bypassing the chapel, you can enjoy a magnificent view over the sea… and a bird’s eye view of the bottom’s cliffs, which suddenly makes you realize how high you are !

Following a small path, you will find stairs that goes down. You can approach one of the arches of Étretat, “the Amont gate“. At low tide, we took a dark tunnel that leads to a beach. Then, we went under the third famous arch of Étretat: the Manneporte. It is impressive by its size and when you go under, you can see other cliffs & caves. In my opinion, 2 days are enough for visiting of Étretat.


Brittany – Finistère

 Crozon – Pen-Hir

Wandering at the edge of the cliffs on this beautiful trail has offered us incredible panoramas. I can’t believe it’s real : these heavenly shores hit by waves with turquoise water. Along the way you can admire these beaches but also colorful caves and rocks. This exceptionally well-preserved coastline reminds us the chance of having this natural heritage. Obviously swimming is not advisable if you are sensible to the cold.


You will find unspoilt nature, cliffs with pine trees, sea plants and ferns.

It is impossible for me to choose my favoruite place but I have to say that Pen-Hir is the most impressive for its environment & panorama. We had an incredible sunset over there. This place show you the wild and rocky aspect of Brittany.


Brittany – Morbihan

Wild Coast – Quiberon

We are lucky to live only at 30 minutes from this beautiful coast ! If you like the fresh air and sea spray, the wild coast of Quiberon is for you! I particularly like this place for its natural beauty and panoramic views on the granite rocks. The peninsula of Quiberon overlay on the Atlantic Ocean and show a wild coast with vivifying landscapes. It extends on 8 kilometers. Even during a mild weather, waves crash loudly into the steep cliffs, causing spurts of foam.

Erosion has shaped countless creeks, reefs, caves and arches. All the senses are awake : a magical visual show, the sound of the crashing waves on the rocks, the drops of foam that splash or the scent of the wild sea. We feel very small in front of such a panorama ! To discover these places, take the coastal road lined with many parking areas and walk along the pedestrian coastal path. The brightness on the cliffs is unique and so photogenic. This place remains one of my favorite spots as the colors, the weather and the ocean can change in a few minutes and become more and more extraordinary. The arch of Port Blanc is particularly a coveted place.



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