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Maxime and I are crazy about hiking !

A lot of people say : “It was great, I forgot how much I like to hike, I should do it more often!” Then, the daily routine get back on top and they think that they don’t have the time. So they postpone to the next week and then to the next month… All this slowly makes them forget how much they like to hike…

Do it now by reserving time slots for hiking, around which you will organize the rest. Start looking where you would like to go and start preparing your hikes to give them a real dimension. Some people do not understand why you like hiking. Yes, sometimes there is bad weather and you will wear a heavy bag with food, camera, plenty of water, warm clothes etc… Also you’ll maybe sleep in a tent and be bitten by mosquitoes etc… However, after this adventure, we always come back with a smile ! I’ll show you the reasons why we like so much this outdoor activity.

To enjoy nature & landscapes, fauna and flora in a privileged way. The scent of the woods, the refreshing of a mountain breeze, the beauty of a foggy morning, the contemplation of an animal, a memory of the most breathtaking view you’ve ever seen. The list is very long !

۰•● Explore inaccessible places

How good is to say that the only way to go to a spot is to make the effort to walk to this one. It immediately takes a lot more value than a place that is also accessible by car. It feels like you deserve to see this place.

To get away from tourist spot. Hiking allows you to be off the beaten track. It allows to live different things from other people. When hiking, you have the impression that every discovered thing belongs to you in a certain way. In fact, you have the impression of discovering everything. Some places are beautiful but so accessible that often … There is a noisy tourist masses in front of the “authentic” place you have dreamed of. The magic is broken … But when the place is accessible only by walking, calm and serenity reappear.


۰•● To surpass yourself physically and mentally and being out of your “comfort zone”

Even if sometimes it’s difficult, it’s extremely rewarding once the effort is accomplished. And it’s personal, no matter if it’s a walk of 5 km or 25 km.

To focus on simple things : walk, eat, drink, sleep etc. And, get rid temporarily of all the material things that the modern world has brought us. Hiking allows you to focus on one simple thing at a time and do it peacefully – without being constantly interrupted by ringtones or objects that grab our attention.

To meet people sharing the same passion. There is nothing warmer than a talk about the nature and the exploration you’ve done. It’s also much easier to meet “locals” and have informations you’ll never have on a guide or on internet. It’s unique, just for you. Hiking is also a privileged time to share specials moments with people you care about. The best feeling is when you are counting your hiking memories and that gives you the smile and the desire to organize the next one!


It’s good to empty your head, think of nothing else but only the present moment. To get rid of your worries and get out of the daily routine. You will see that the hike will bring you only positive thoughts!

Discovery : You’ll discover plants, trees, and unique fauna & flora. You also discover things about yourself: you discover a phobia or a passion for flowers, birds or squirrels for example. In general, just like traveling, hiking can open your eyes to new places.

۰•● Difficulties and uncontrollably laugh

Start to discuss a deep subject and miss a sign… which will give us 1 hour more on a 7 H hike. It’s something you’ll not forget. By the way, we still laughing about those mistakes!

As all physical activities, you feel good physically. This allows to be more relaxed (despite body aches sometimes). Yes, it’s a way to develop your muscles.


After the effort, the comfort :

– Take off your shoes and wear flip flops.

– Take a shower after 6 hours of walking and get rid of the smell of perspiration !

– Grab a good sandwich after a few hours of hard hiking.

– Drink a refreshing juice on a terrace after a day of climbing.

– Put on your pajamas and lie down on a bed after twenty kilometers ?

These little joys of life that you do not really enjoy every day when you are on a daily routine.


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